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Christel Arcucci

Family: Nothing holds as much potential to heal, and as much potential to hurt. In a family battered by addiction, Christel’s journey starts young and culminates with the death of a beloved ally. Fired by these trials, Christel evolves into a spiritual healer with the courage and clarity to guide others through the darkness.

Amanada Noelle

A walk on the wild side in search of truth and healing gets her arrested, dumped, left penniless and publicly shamed. Hear how it birthed a spiritual leader and source of strength for wild women everywhere.

Baeth Davis

She had everything she was supposed to, but life had become so meaningless for Baeth, stepping in front of a bus was starting to appeal. And then a most unlikely woman opened a most unlikely door, and Baeth found her true purpose and calling, changing not only her life, but that of hundreds more.

Hollye Dexter

A house fire destroyed her home, her car, her livelihood… and that was only the beginning of the journey! This is the story of how losing truly everything healed this woman’s deepest wounds, and how she literally rose from the ashes to build a radiant life of creativity and service.

Tricia Greaves Nelson

Lost in the folds of emotional eating and addiction, Tricia’s personal hell leads her to a remarkable healer, her life’s work, and, surprisingly, the love of her life.

Zsuzsa Novak

Zsuzsa thought her chance had come to escape the poverty and repression of her homeland, but after mustering the courage to leave her family, she found herself in a new prison. Forged by lack and exploitation, Zsuzsa grew into an unstoppable force for others’ success, beaming with positivity, gratitude, humor, wisdom, and grace.

Lyena Strelkoff

Catastrophic injury changes Lyena’s life forever and robs her of the things she treasures most. But in the stillness, she finds an unexpected gift, an unexpected ally, and a life better than she ever dreamed.