Christel Arcucci

Christel ArcucciChristel Arcucci is the founder of Soul Centered Prosperity and the co-author of the best selling book “In Pursuit of the Divine ~ Stories to Empower a Woman’s Soul.” She is an International Healer, Artist, Transformational Speaker, Prosperity Coach, & Trainer. She is known as the healer's healer and a catalyst for heart-centered entrepreneurs, holistic practitioners, and coaches to transform their “struggling entrepreneur” story into prosperity & a pleasurable business. She is passionate about empowering women to be seen, heard & financially supported by doing what they love. Christel created the Spiritual Art of Wealth Prosperity System to integrate spiritual values with business success. She has supported thousands of clients to align their body, mind, and soul purpose to create vibrant health and the business success they desire since 1991.

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